Donald Trump is making history as far as Presidents go, but it’s not the kind of history he probably envisioned when he took office … because he’s just been impeached.

As expected, a majority of the House of Representatives voted Wednesday to impeach the Prez for high crimes and misdemeanors. The vote marks only the 3rd time in U.S. history the House approved articles of impeachment against the President.

Trump now joins Bill Clinton in 1998 and Andrew Johnson way back in 1868 as the only presidents to be impeached.

The impeachment vote, mostly along party lines, is the culmination of a long, three-month investigation from multiple committees in the House, which was faced with stiff opposition by the GOP.

The first article of impeachment — abuse of power — says 45’s actions towards Ukraine amount to using his office to solicit “the interference of a foreign government, Ukraine, in the 2020 United States Presidential election.”

The second article of impeachment — obstruction of congress — says Trump demanded top staffers at the White House to defy lawfully issued subpoenas from the House Intelligence Committee, asking them to testify in the impeachment proceedings.

Trump, meanwhile, is on the campaign trail in Michigan, where his speech was interrupted by protesters who unfurled a banner reading, “DON THE CON. YOU’RE FIRED!”

Donald’s not fired … now his impeachment will go to the Senate and there’s next to zero chance the Republican-controlled body votes to remove Trump from office.


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