Taiwan top general killed in helicopter crash

Taiwan top general killed in helicopter crash

Taiwan’s defence ministry has confirmed the death of its Chief of general staff General Shen Yi-ming, after a helicopter made an emergency landing in northern part of the country. 

The country’s top general died alongside 7 others after a UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter crashed in mountains near Taipei. 

Taiwan’s defence ministry spokesman, Shih Shun-wen said 62-year-old Shen and several top military officials were on a routine mission to visit soldiers in the northeast Yilan county when the sad incident occurred. 

Air force commander-in-chief Hsiung Hou-chi told a news conference in Taipei that what caused the crash is still not known. 

He said; 

“The search and rescue operation continues… We are investigating whether (the cause) was environmental or mechanical… the aircraft’s condition is not ideal. 

“We hope everyone can be safe and we should know the results this afternoon.” 

President Tsai Ing-wen’s office announced that she will cancel all campaign activities for three days after the tragedy.

The President said;

“As commander-in-chief President Tsai and the cabinet team will focus on the rescue operations as well as clarifying the cause of the incident.”


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