Tyson Fury makes bold prediction during his opening face off with Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury came face-to-face ahead of their February rematch

Tyson Fury predicted he would knock Deontay Wilder out in just the second round as the pair clashed at their opening press conference in Los Angeles on Monday. The 31-year-old Brit came face-to-face with Wilder, 34, for the first time in public since their heavyweight rematch was officially confirmed at the end of December. The rematch will take place on February 22 at a packed-out MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas where Wilder’s WBC belt will be on the line. Their thrilling opening bout 14 months ago was one of the most captivating fights in recent memory and boxing fans have been counting down the days to what promises to be a thrilling round two. Since that epic fight, Fury has got the better of Tom Schwarz and Otto Wallin, while Wilder has knocked out Dominic Breazeale and Luis Ortiz.

Wilder and Fury's 2018 fight ended in a draw

Fury has called upon the services of esteemed trainer Javan ‘Sugar’ Hill as he looks to end February’s rematch with a knockout and he has predicted the fight will last just two rounds. ‘I keep having the same dream about knocking him out in round two. I’m playing poker all the time and I keep getting dealt number two, number two. I’m looking for a knockout,’ Fury said at Monday’s press conference. ‘I didn’t come here again to get a bad decision. I know I’m not gonna get a decision in the United States, after last time that’s very clear. ‘That’s why I hired Sugar Hill. If I didn’t want a knockout I wouldn’t have hired a Kronk trainer who specialises in sitting on your punches and landing a right hand.

‘Look at all the Kronk fighters, Klitschko even, they all look for that big right hand. That’s all I’m looking for, one big right hand, nailed. Deontay Wilder, goodnight. ‘There’s the game-plan. I’m looking for a knockout and if I wasn’t I would have kept hold of Ben Davison, I’d have sharpened up on what we were doing – slipping and sliding – I ain’t looking for that. ‘I ain’t coming here for a points decision. I’m coming here for a knockout. Like Deontay Wilder said, I’m sick of points decisions. ‘I’ve had nine of them in my career. I’m looking for knockout number 21 and that’s brutally honest.’

Deontay Wilder poses with the WBC belt

Fury memorably climbed up from the canvas late on in his opening contest with Wilder and the American claims that’s the only way his opponent has been able to promote their rematch. ‘When you have power there’s no way around it. You can’t prepare for that. The only thing you can do is hope that when it lands it don’t do that much damage,’ Wilder said. ‘I gave this man a concussion the first time. He doesn’t even know how he got on the ground or how he got up. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s a concussion. ‘And he’s been thinking about that over and over and over and the only way he can promote himself from that fight is him getting up off his back.

‘That’s all he’s been looking at, that’s the only thing he can fathom his mind around is how he knocked me down and I got up. ‘”You beat him Fury! You beat him Fury!” Okay we gonna see. All that talk right there before dies. It’s dead. This is a new beginning right here. This is unfinished business that I will finish. ‘I will do exactly what I said I was gonna do. I will knock him out. I’m the lion, I’m the king of the jungle.’ ‘Come February 22, I’m gonna rip his head off his body. Remember I said that, I’m gonna knock him out of the ring and give him a WWE moment in real life. I’m glad he’s got a second job, he’s gonna need it.’


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