Portugal drawn in UEFA Nations League ‘Group of Death’

The draw for the second edition of the UEFA Nations League has left some major talking points, which include Portugal’s allocation in the tournament’s “Group of Death”.

The creme of the crop met in Amsterdam to know the fate of each national team in the tournament with a revamped format, which will include 16 teams in the first three tiers and seven more in League D. 

League A will see some interesting games, with the Netherlands facing Italy and Robert Lewandowski’s Poland in Group 1. Fans in England and Belgium will be looking forward to their meeting in Group 2, while Spain and Germany are set to wreak havoc in Group 4.

But even with those games in hand, all of that pales in comparison to Group 3, where Portugal will face France, Sweden and Croatia in Group 3. The defending champions will not be handed an easy start if they want to win back-to-back titles in this tournament.

League A

Group 1: Netherlands, italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland.

Group 2: England, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland.

Group 3: Portugal, France, Sweden, Croatia.

Group 4: Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine, Germany.

League B

Group 1: Austria, Norway, Northern Ireland, Romania.

Group 2: Czech Republic, Scotland, Slovakia, Israel.

Group 3: Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary.

Group 4: Wales, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Bulgaria.

League C

Group 1: Montenegro, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan.

Group 2: Georgia, North Macedonia, Estonia, Armenia.

Group 3: Greece, Kosovo, Slovenia, Moldova.

Group 4: Albania, Belarus, Lithuania, KazakhstanWales, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Bulgaria.

League D

Group 1: Faroe Islands, Latvia, Andorra, Malta.

Group 2: Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, San Marino.

Matchday 1 of the UEFA Nations League will be played between September 3 and September 5. The Group Stage will come to an end on November 17, 2020. Meanwhile, the Final Four stage of the competition will take place from June 2 (semi-finals) to June 6 (finals) in 2021.


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